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Feedback that some of our customers have left:

‘My wife and I arrived in Belfast not knowing about the existence of the black cab tours.  We were informed by a young Australian waiter that his parents while visiting him had taken a tour with cabtoursNI, they were very impressed.  We booked a tour the following morning.  Neither of us had expected the impact that the wonderfully told story of the ‘Troubles’, that was related to us by our guide Paddy, would have on us.  It was an impartial but highly emotional rendering of the events.  We are so glad that we happened upon Paddy and have recommended this tour to many since our return to Australia.  I can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone.’
Peter Bartholomew, Australia

‘Jolene and I still talk about the black taxi tour we took with you, it was one of the highlights of our trip to Ireland.’
Paul Margolis, NYC

'The Belfast Taxi Tour is a must in our opinion, you brought it to life and we were very impressed by your enthusiasm and insight of the recent history of Belfast.  All the best for the season from Christine and me..'
Hank John

'My wife was a visiting Professor at St. Mary's University College on the Falls Road and we lived in Belfast for a year.  Being of Irish descent from the Boston area, we knew the history of the Troubles from stories told by family elders, some of whom never really left the "The old Sod".  Maintaining that connection was a vital part of their passage and survival in the States. Before coming to Belfast, the history of the Troubles was an abstraction that we both had a hunger and thirst to "flesh out" and make real.  Paddy's tour satisfied the hunger even as it stimulated a powerful need to know more.  Our first encounter with Paddy was happenstance and good fortune.  Subsequent to this first tour, we accompanied Paddy on 5 more tours.  Every time we had family and friends visit from the States we called Paddy.  To a person, everyone of them talked about it as the highlight of their visit to Belfast. The tour never got old.  Paddy found a way to engage our visitors, some of whom new very little of the Troubles, as well as to keep my wife and I mesmerized with new insights and stories each time.  Paddy and Bobby both have a reverence for the history of Belfast and the Troubles as well as a passion for the telling of it.  The Murals were not just images on a wall to them.  Each was a touchstone of the lives they lived.  The history is not an abstraction to them.  It is in their blood and bones. Our year in Belfast has become a touchstone for our lives after returning to the states.  We now mark our lives as "before" and "after" Belfast.  Paddy and Bobby were a very big part of that experience. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed.  Thanks lads.'    
Jim Cain
Windham, NH

The tour went far beyond my expectations. I enjoyed every moment and
recommend it highly to anyone interested in the history and sights of

...Alan Bern

We just wanted to say thank you very much for showing us the streets & murals of Belfast. Your localperspective, knowledge & humour really brought the historical context of the troubles to life. When I looked back at my holiday photos from Northern Ireland, most of them are from  that trip with you in Belfast ! I cannot recommend this tour enough & if time allows, the extra miles to Milltown Cemetary are worth the effort.
All the best.

Rick & Sue (Leeds, England, September 2008)

My wife & I visited Belfast for the first time in 2008. Being from Southern Ireland we were a bit wary of booking any cab tour & didn't know what to expect. Bob gave us a great handle on the history of the Falls & the Shankill. We wanted to do & see bits which wouldn't have been on a standard tour of the area & he customised the trip to our specific needs.

He had a great feel for the city & its people & was good company for the hour long trip. His rates were reasonable & he also recommended a good pub at the end of the trip !. Overall a great experience & we'd readily recommend Bob's tour company to all visitors.


Frank & Katey Fitz

  Thank you so much for your wonderful tour. Even with the terrible weather You gave us a wonderful day that we will never forget. We saw so much and learned so much about the history of belfast. It was emotional and thought provoking.
  We could not believe that it was possible to see so much of Belfast in one afternoon and it was such a contrast from the murals to the castle to the Titanic drawing office and of course the Crown Liquor pub at the end!!!
  Your friendliness, knowledge and enthusiasm for the city of Belfast was obvious (and patience when the ship was late arriving!)

Thank you again We would happily recommend Cab tours to everyone visiting Belfast!

Linda, Barry Holly and Chris


Paddy took my parents and I on the political history tour this Monday and Bobby took us up to the Giants Causeway and the Glen's of Antrim on Tuesday (we were the Australian's!!!!)
We had fantastic time and I think those two days were the highlight of my trip. I found the political history tour a very emotional experience (as well as scary when Paddy said a hooded man was pointing a gun at us!!!!! - lucky I am not prone to panic). I loved our trip up North and have to say I have fallen in love with Northern Ireland, the people and the craic. If I end up moving there, you two boys will be to blame!!!!
I hope the peace process allows all people to live together in harmony and if either of you two guys ever comes to Sydney, Australia, I know a great little bridge to show you!!!!

Noeline, Sydney

I'd like to express my gratitude for the most informative taxi tour of the great city of Belfast that you took me on, on Thursday 13th November. You really know what you are talking about and very, very intelligent when it comes to the modern history of Belfast and the Troubles in general. Next time I come to Belfast with my friends, I'll be getting in touch with you so you can share your knowledge with my friends

Once again thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me, I'll be reading into the stuff you told me, so I can expand my knowledge

Take Care Paddy, All the best and see you again my friend

David Forster
County Durham


My wife and I took your tour on 26/09/2008. We traveled up from Dublin. We so much enjoyed the tour that i felt i had to send a message to thank you which is something I have never done before. Your knowledge and the way you got it across to us was brilliant. We would certainly recomend the tour to our friends and maybe come back ourselves someday.My only regret is we did not have that drink in 'The Rock'. Maybe next time. Thanks again for a great memory.

Fran Ryan





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